Fantasy Adventure!

a free applet game courtesy of me (requires Java)

This game requires a Java-enabled browser.

If you are seeing this message, your browser does not support Java applets. If you want to install Java, check out Sun´s Java web site.

Around the turn of the century, before Flash became the Big Thing in browser-based games, I explored Java's potential by making a simple game. It was a good learning experience, meaning that if I redid it, I would do a lot differently.

Once the game loads above, click the "help" button for instructions. Here are some strategy tips:

  • How do I play? How do I win? Once you see a hero (or heroine) standing in a stony room, click the "help" button in the lower left corner of the game.
  • I see the game, but pressing keys doesn't do anything. Use your mouse to click the game, then try pressing the key again.
  • Keep getting killed? Don't hold any keys down. When you move, tap the key to move once, then look at the screen. The monsters get to move every time you do, so if you hold a key down to move really fast, the monsters will move really fast too. Take all the time you want to look around; the monsters will wait for you to move again before moving themselves.
  • Keep losing fights? If you already have a sword, the trick is that you must move into the monster, not the other way around. If you're right next to a monster, great! Move into it and you win! However, if you're a square away from a monster, wait a moment (tap the "5" key.) The monster will move closer to you. Then move into the monster. There--you won the fight!
  • How do I get a sword? Bump into the guy in the golden chair.
  • What happens if my character dies? Your character will get resurrected in a safe(ish) spot and you can try again. There is no limit to the number of retries you get.
  • How do I tell friend from foe? Friends in this game don't move, but enemies do. To find out if something's friendly, then press the numpad "5" to wait a moment. If it moves toward you, it's an enemy.
  • I can't beat the dragon! Search around the game. You need a special item to defeat the dragon.