Leap from platform to platform! Squash monsters! Find treasure!

Jumper pits four programmers from a small startup company against the forces of irony. Each level stars one of my coworkers (from 2005) in their own challenge. To play, download (7.5MB), unzip, and click jumper.exe.

Click for screen shots:

screen shot screen shot screen shot

Make Your Own Game

Want to make your own jumper levels, modify the graphics, or use custom sounds? You can! See README.txt inside the Jumper folder.

In theory, the code can be recompiled to make Jumper work on Macintosh and Linux, but I haven't gotten around to doing that. If you have both the desire and the techy-wiz-powers to do it yourself, ask me for the source code.

So far, Jumper has worked dandy for anyone who has tried it. However, by using this software, you take responsibility for anything this does to your computer. Including if this software turns your computer into a turnip. Not that I expect it to turn your computer into a turnip. I'm just sayin'.

Minimum requirements

  • Windows ME or newer
  • 600Mhz processor*
  • 50MB available RAM
Jumper has been successfully played on these operating systems:
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

* On a 600 MHz processor, the game runs a bit slow but is playable.

Why I Made This

In 2005, three things occurred to me:

  1. My c++ skills were rusty
  2. I was making software that did really important things that nobody could see
  3. My coworkers were in need of a good mocking.

Thus the ¡Jumper! project began ... and then came to a screeching halt as Major Personal Crises came up.

In 2008, the earth had stopped shaking enough that I could dig up the code, dust it off, and finish it up.

I learned a lot from the project, plus I got to amuse myself by watching a little cartoon of my supervisor run away from a flying monkey.