Bread Crumbs

Some of the miscellaneous residue of my pursuits is still viewable here and there. The projects below were done for fun.

Other World
In this web game, players make adventurers who explore and report back once in a while. It's perfect for office workers who need an occasional mental break. Play for free — no download required.
A free video game in the tradition of Mario Brothers. Details available at the Jumper page.
An online game built using Neverwinter Nights. Many people helped me build and run this, many more played there. I operated the world through 2005, after which I handed the reins over to the capable hands of others. As of the time of this writing it is still running, changing and growing. There is more information about this at the Folderol web site.
Dark Fortress
A single player video game scenario built using Neverwinter Nights. This scenario was the first I built using that toolset, and is a bit of fun in the tradition of D&D dungeon crawling. It is available for download.
Java Game
Around the turn of the century, before Flash became the Big Thing in browser-based games, I explored Java's potential by making a simple game. It was a good learning experience. What I made is called "Fantasy Adventure!" and is still available as a free game.
Star Craft Maps
I made a number of maps for Star Craft. They're available for download.